Thread Painting

Fredlet and Tommy, 2019

Fredlet and Tommy were frenemies, sometimes chewing on each other, and sometimes curled up together. Thread painting from an original photo. Aurifil and other thread, inkjet printed fabric, Steam-a-Seam 2, cotton backing and batting.

Eagle Lake, Acadia, 2018.

Acadia National Park in Maine is one of our happy places. Standing here on the path, you can see grasses and stones under the surface of the water, clefts in the cliffs on the opposite mountain, and the fringe of boulders along the opposite shore. Don’t let anyone tell you landscapes are easy! Making Eagle Lake is documented in my lecture, Thread Painting, It’s All About the Details.

Thread painting on inkjet printed fabric, Aurifil and other thread, Steam-a-Steam 2, cotton batting, backing and borders.

The Kitty Sisters

Tigger and Ollie had completely different personalities: Ollie (on the right) was a go-for-it gal, and would trot after us on a walk down the road (in the dim dark days before our cats became Indoors ONLY), with Tigger hesitantly following at a distance. Here they relax on the cat shelf in front of a window.

Thread painting on inkjet printed cotton fabric with mostly Aurifil threads; Steam-a-Seam 2, cotton batting and backing.


An improbable blue, Agapanthus are not (yet) hardy in our Massachusetts climate, so I look forward to seeing them each time I travel to California.

Thread painting on inkjet printed fabric with Aurifil and other threads, Steam a Seam 2, cotton batting, backing, and border fabrics.

Miss Blue Eyes

Miss Minnie Cat slept on the pillow next to mine, and woke me up by gently touching my arm or cheek with her pay (claws IN!) Even her veterinarian said she had the most beautiful eyes.

Thread painting on inkjet-printed cotton fabric, cotton (mostly) thread; Steam a Seam 2, cotton batting, backing, and borders.

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf was designed as a class project for my Thread Painting 101 workshop. The blue stripes are done with free-motion straight-stitch, the white stripes with free-motion zig-zag stitches, and the leaf itself teaches color blending and dealing with edges.

Thread painting on inject-printed cotton fabric using (mostly) Aurifil thread; Steam a Seam 2, cotton batting, backing and binding.